Access Keys:

St. Paul’s Primary School, Belfast

Teaching Staff

Principal: Mr Sean McNamee

Vice Principal: Mrs G McCotter

Primary 1A Mrs Lawlor& Mrs T Barnes
Primary 1B Mrs 
Primary 2A Mrs A Marrs and Mrs L Crawford
Primary 2B Mrs A Woods
Primary 3A Miss C McAleenan
Primary 4A Mr S Martin
Primary 4B Miss S McGlade & Mrs G Duffy
Primary 5A Mr C Colhoun
Primary 5B Mrs G McCotter
Primary 6A Miss R O'Neill
Primary 6B Ms C Owens & Miss E McLaughlin
Primary 7A Ms B O'Connell

SEN: Mrs M Stewart/Mrs M Reid, Mrs T Corrigan





Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants:
Ms S. Lyttle
Ms T. McConway


Nursery Unit

Head of Nursery

Mrs M. McLogan

Mrs. A. Sheridan (currently on leave)

Miss K. Doyle covering Room 2

Nursery Assistants:

Mrs S Lyttle

Mrs M Keenan




Support Staff

Secretary Primary School: Miss C Hughes

Secretary Nursery Unit:

Caretaker Primary School: Mr C Rooney

Caretaker and cleaning staff Nursery Unit: Mrs M McElduff/Murray


Cleaning Staff Primary School:
Ms P Kelly, Mrs A Manson & Mrs S Moore

Dinner Supervisors:
Mrs A Manson, Mrs G Bonner, Ms P Kelly & Mrs D Mulholland

Catering Staff:
Mrs R McIlhone, Mrs C Adams,
Mrs A Ferran, Mrs M Park, Mrs K McCrory & Mrs A McMillen, Mrs P Doran